About Cosnou

We prioritize quality above all else. That's why we make this glassware from high-quality glass that's BPA and lead-free. In addition, the glass is of original color, and the material is not sprayed or electroplated. It is healthy and safe and will never fade. Cosnou is more impact resistant than regular glasses. The material is strong and durable.

How do we get started?

At a company that cares about the environment, I think about what we can do for the planet. One day, when I was drinking water, I suddenly realized that the plastic cup in my hand was not friendly to nature, which made him realize our responsibility. Immediately, I also understood my mission, which was to promote the use of glass to the world

what did I do?

I started looking for high quality glasses that would provide a sustainable option to users around the world. I've carefully selected a range of beautiful glass styles that are both beautiful and functional.

Then what?

Therefore, I spread the benefits of glass to the world through various channels. I work with suppliers to ensure that all production processes meet safety standards. I educate consumers on the benefits of glass, such as being reusable, easy to clean and environmentally friendly.

Persistence, you will always see the good side

Gradually, my efforts were recognized, and more and more people chose to buy glass cups as their first choice to replace plastic cups. Gradually, people began to phase out plastic cups in their daily lives and use glass instead.

What is Cosnou’s mission?

I hope to inspire more people to care about the health of the planet and make life choices. By changing our consumption habits, together we can protect the planet and create a better future.

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